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Family Business News

Organic growth

Business Matters: What is your family business worth?

For family owned businesses, the value of the business can be far more than just adding up the financial value of the assets it owns and operates. Legacy, status, purpose…

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Relationships and dynamics

Emotion, loyalty, money – a potent mix for family business disputes

Unlike other business structures, family businesses have their own dynamic at work which incorporates a raft of cherished shared values and aspirations as well as potential sources of conflict as…

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Help join up social business people


In this blog we look at overcoming barriers to growth and agreeing strategies that every member of the family can sign up to. The continued health and wealth of a…

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What if no successor has been identified

Choosing a successor from the family

Succession planning is often the most taxing challenge for family owned businesses. Our research shows that, alarmingly, only 4% of family businesses have full, communicated and detailed succession plans. With…

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